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tv   Headline News  RT  September 7, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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this is why you should care only on the dot com. washington's efforts to drum up support for an attack on syria are met with staunch international resistance with russia saying the syrian rebels used chemical weapons to provoke a foreign intervention. australia's opposition coalition sweeps to victory in a general election with most of the results now in and among those hoping for a seat in the senate is wiki leaks founder julian assange. and the justice commissioner of course for new europe wide previously those are the recent revelations by snowden show a new front in the n.s.a. data trolling.
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international news and comment watching r.t. coming to you live from moscow. now u.s. secretary of state john kerry is on a european tour trying to gather support for an american strike against syria he used foreign policy chief is it great that some form of action should be taken but her statement added that any decision still has to be made through the u.n. president obama has been having a hard time winning over backers for an armed intervention over the past two days he failed to get allies on board at the g. twenty summit in st petersburg artie's alexy. was there. everyone is speculating. on the syria issue to the press this morning and the majority have been saying that. initial plan was to disrupt. the military intervention into syria then indeed. we do know of course
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a lot of discord between the g. twenty countries on whether a military strike against syria is needed and clearly the biggest concern was whether we'll have a meeting at all because officially they have no meeting scheduled something unprecedented for the president of the united states and russia but eventually according to. themselves they met for a twenty thirty minute friendly conversation during which of course they discussed syria indeed. the summit coming here he was hoping that he could persuade the countries of the need to attack syria that he would provide the substantial evidence of bashar al assad using chemical weapons against the rebels but clearly judging by what the russian president said on that matter it seems that obama failed on that sense. i view everything that happened with the so-called use of chemical weapons in syria as a provocation by the rebels who count on help from abroad from those countries that
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originally supported that's the reason for this provocation i also want to remind you that the use of force against a sovereign state is acceptable only if it's done for self-defense and we know that syria hasn't attacked the u.s. and only if the u.n. security council approves such. as one of the participants of our discussions on the issue put it yesterday those who do otherwise put themselves above the law still david cameron barack obama and. the french president they still try to play hardball saying that the u.n. security council decision may be overruled if they believe that. russian president. this may generate a great feeling of fear among the smaller countries obviously suggesting that bigger states may actually do whatever they want overruling the mandate of the united nations so all we see now that the g twenty summit is done will enforce some several very interesting weeks to see how the future of syria will be resolved. so
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after two days of tense discussions all obama managed to get was eleven nations backing a call for tough action against syria but their statement stopped short of explicitly approving military intervention which is what the u.s. is demanding international opinion polls also show strong opposition to any armed assault in the u.s. fifty six percent said no to any form of military intervention in syria over sixty percent of french people are against and the vast majority of those surveyed in the u.k. said any move must have the green light from the u.n. similar sentiments the shared in germany and turkey he twenty nations that were against the green mint account for some three billion people than with these latest figures it seems many in the rest of the world don't want to see the u.s. carry its plan through meanwhile protests have been held in several countries against an assault on syria well you're seeing some of the latest protests in the
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philippines and russia as well as earlier ones in london paris as well as washington and new york celebrities in the u.s. have been speaking out against obama's plans as well a handwritten note from madonna here expressing her opposition to a military strike france has been the main power standing by the u.s. but president along now says he wants to wait for a u.n. report on possible chemical weapons use in syria first political analyst chris bambery told us why he thinks the u.s. is having an increasingly hard time rallying support ahead of a crucial congress vote next week. it's not just a question of syria it is a question of iran it's a question of his bar they're kind of painting a new axis of evil if you remember way back in two thousand and three after nine eleven the original axis and we've all know they're presenting a new axis of evil and they're saying this is why we have to intervene in syria i
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have to say i think obama is leaving st petersburg with his tail between his legs as time says he's going to go all the jews need to address what it calls a skeptical nation with an appeal for the public in america to rally behind a military strike but it seems to me that the public in america just as the public in britain is appalled to any strike and it's becoming more and more difficult for avaya not just in petersburg not just elsewhere internationally but even the whole know to win support for a case for a military strike on the basis of these allegations of chemical the chemical weapons use meanwhile syrian government forces are now battling to clear al-qaeda linked rebels from the ancient christian village of moola r.c.s. maria fanaa shin a saudi operation gathered pace in a remote mountainous stone that had been sheltered from the civil war until now. christian pilgrims from all over the world used to take this road it's shovel to
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one of them a significant trying and one of the mace totally places in syria its residents to speak aramaic the language jesus christ is believed to have spoken we are driving to mali but for another reason on wednesday the central syrian village which had been among the few in syria the didn't see any violence since the crisis here started in two thousand and eleven was attacked by rebel forces most of them recruits of the members have had to nuestra their war came here. after a car bomb exploded at a checkpoint the militants of the radical islamist group considered terrorists by the un and us stormed in. the iman tells us that this is the closest point and we cannot go any further we can see marlee which problem here but the thing is that the militants who are still inside that we can see us as well there are snipers inside the goods so it is really dangerous to go there the soldiers say that the
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militants mostly from don't have the luther you know over the mountain top the sufi the hotel and from time to time they're firing from this so theatric place and they're also militants behind this mountain taking the soldiers say up to fifteen hundred people what is the situation right now. the militants around three hundred people are hiding in severe hotel there are ancient caves they're under the village they use them as well they're watching us and we're watching them but if we start moving they'll attack us. the soldiers show militants physician is the mists who are behind a number of violent killings and are believed to be the most aggressive force confronting president assad in almost surrounded the christian village. where these people came from. they came from the city of homs in the north and from the city of
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grain foods in the south this village is like an island in a storming ocean there is a little i gather army that we visited my lunar last spring in a christian arland in a mostly moose the ocean the village was indeed unique and aside from the other we used to live in peace muslims and christians of course were afraid that people from outside the city and the country may come and destroy disunity and it seems the residents worst fears became a reality why do you think the militants attack this village. they know that american missiles will not strike a unicycle site and the army will not dare hit it either it's a safe haven for them while we talk reinforcements arrive the syrian army plan an operation to clear malula from death had the initial rebels they have been rumors that they have left the village but the army say the militants are still there and
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even if they leave they can hide in nearby and return how do you think the situation will change in case of american strike will their rivals the militants from the last three use this opportunity to advance further of course they will america is supporting terrorism in this country we've been fighting with the u.s. in fact for these two and a half years and now we can face them directly but we are ready for that we will not give up if america strikes series major military facilities will be targeted and destroyed no one can see what the war on the ground will look like but certainly things place will no longer looks the same. to reporting from syria. and you can follow maria twitter where she is keeping track of that mission him aloof and giving regular updates on the developments in syria right now she says there are reports of the syrian army finally entering the village.
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on. the straightness opposition has clinched a resigning victory in the country's general election early results give a clear lead to conservative challenger tony abbott prompting the labor government to concede defeat after six years in power and among those running was the party of wiki leaks editor julie songe aiming for a senate seat earlier i spoke with artie's lindsay friends who told me about a son she is chances in the rights. he's got the power to pull votes away from other australian anti establishment parties such as family first's the pirate party and the sex party you heard that right those three opposition parties he has the power to to to get good tension away from them just with his name alone and also with his campaign because it's been very colorful hasn't yes it has absolutely his
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campaign for a seat in australia's senate as you mentioned has consisted mostly of social media blitz is in virtual town hall meetings along with a mullet wig music video where the candidates recorded his own version of oz icon john farnham activism and i'm sure the voice of that you. didn't please the president of ecuador too much that this was shot in the ecuadorian embassy but that's another story altogether but i have been making some serious points to the haven't they that we can explain amount of first they can you outline what they've been saying and absolutely now it was disestablished last month and it wants to bring transparency accountability and justice to australia's parliament by way of pushing for public oversight of government practices fighting corruption and providing people with the range of what it calls twenty first century freedoms and that includes the free flow of information internet liberty protection for whistleblowers national sovereignty and integrity in the global community which is as you can imagine a very tall order for any political party and also a very tall order if you does win if there's no chance and he does win he'll have
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to get back to stray whacks and how is that going to be possible well if there's a lot of twists and turns that could take he's got plenty of federal agents after him but he's got to get to australia of course to to fill that seat if he were to make it and now we spoke with his running mate benoit kemp mark who told us that the responsibility for granting safe passage for him back to australia should fall on the shoulders of the australian government doesn't feel very good certainly it would be australian government to allow political figure who is being elected to the street in electorates or look at the streets and allow him to sit. in church. and it will be a public relations not the australian government would have to take very carefully if elected he's got ten months to make it back to australia before casual vacancy that would be created by his lack of attendance in this case the running mate we spoke with would then take his seat so if the tories voters do swing join us on his
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way though and he does try to make a dash to get home without help he will either end up in the senate or in the slammer. and another whistleblower edward snowden is continuing to cause a stir his latest revelations have prompted europe to take a stand against n.s.a. data trolling for. justice commissioner is calling to protect private data from prying eyes more of the details on this for quite. a. good.
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drama as the truth be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. places change the world. so picture of today's globe. from around the globe. just on quarter past seven here in moscow with our take now new revelations are
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still coming to the surface on the scope of the n.s.a.'s online snooping according to the latest round of leaks from whistleblower edward snowden the u.s. has spent billions of dollars over the past decade to decode encrypted private data from e-mails to banking transactions working closely with british intelligence in the situation is spreading alarm through europe with the youth justice commissioner now calling for tougher privacy laws to protect citizens artie's peter all of our reports. the e.u. justice commissioner is spoken about the leaks from edward snowden as a wakeup call to europe and says that new legislation must be put in place to protect the privacy of e.u. citizens other stands up at the moment each of the twenty eight member states interprets the current framework in a different manner some of which contradict each other she wants to see a one continent one system put in place but when it comes to debating what will be
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in that law she suggested that the united kingdom might not be a part of that saying that london's loyalties appear to lie elsewhere. i don't pay attention to britain anymore there are a lost cause they're acting only together with the americans and they absolutely don't want to have european laws but in this case all we need for this vote is a simple majority and if they don't want to work together constructively we don't need them but i need france and i knew germany if i want to do something concrete in europe. she also warned the u.k. about sitting on the sidelines when it comes to deciding what will be in this legislation saying that whether they like it although not the united kingdom is part of the european union and this law would affect them then. once this proposal turns into a law everybody must follow it and that includes great britain whether they want to or not wants the majority decides the minority becomes irrelevant from
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a political point of view it is not an intelligent position to sit in the corner and complain it would be more intelligent to work with us and make their opinion count because it's one of the text is approved this becomes a law for all twenty eight states and more than five hundred million people. commissions remit doesn't allow it to deal with security services however what vivian reading is proposing is a law that would tackle companies which really provide private information on citizens to. those security service issues put forward legislation that would see a fine of around two percent of profit imposed upon those companies that give information of e.u. citizens over to security services as of then and sam when you're it's useless tiger all you can do is to rule but not bite at this point we are toothless and i want to give us some bites so we can efficiently enforce our european rules. and
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one final point this law that's being put forward would affect any company doing business with you in the european union it doesn't matter if you are based in america you're based in japan or you're based in india if you do business in europe you would have to stick to this new legislation on privacy. and in the leaked documents the n.s.a. states its goal of gaining restricted access to cyberspace and it's the sheer scale of the data harvesting that has got people worried according to the director of the center for investigative journalism at london city university. it's been going on a long time people forget that in the seventy's a spy system called echelon was uncovered over britain run by the united states what was different about that spying system in the present one is the sheer extent of it the major security companies that. social networking companies have opened their effective back doors to the n.s.a. even commercial confidentiality as an area of secrecy is provided completely by
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this hoovering up of everything and so i think people are alarmed because they realize it will affect them personally it's not just political opponents but the possibility of blackmail is enormous some dissident a federal employee could easily sift this material find something terribly damaging and then use it for personal gain or political gain now it's been over three months since president obama had to free over eighty prisoners from guantanamo bay the men may say yemeni nationals had been cleared for release from the u.s. military facility in cuba seven years ago abby martin investigates the issue in breaking the set and you can see the full show in about ten minutes time but here is a quick preview. the u.s. government's pressing them yemeni government to carry out drone strikes weekly. but they cannot trust the government to take prisoners from the get no because they say oh there are going to be terrorists we can't trust to release them however many
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people have been released from guantanamo bay in the past and they are just living our normal lives they just want the chance to have a free life and not be detained indefinitely there are no countries that are currently wanting to host these these prisoners because there's so much red tape associated with that here in the united states the united states promised the yemeni people that there would be facilities infrastructure there to help former guantanamo inmates reassembly into into society that infrastructure is yet to it's not there we have covered this on the show in the past we've had activists we've had journalists that have traveled to yemen that have explained to us what it's like for people that are around these drone bombings and all these horrible things that are happening in yemen and on top of that. there's there's all there's the guantanamo aspect that these men will never return and will never see their families and that's it's heartbreaking. which starts in about ten minutes time and then forget we've got plenty more stories on our website www dot com at the moment including lying to lie detector is
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easy is counting to three according to an instructor who's taught his techniques to hundreds of people and has been given a jail sentence for his trouble find out how it's done on our web site and also that a giant away spewing ash and smoke over southwest in peru after years of silence check at the spectacular volcano footage in motion pay. more news today violence was once again flooded out. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada as. a giant corporations rule the day. a dam protecting a city in russia's far east has given way after more than
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a month of severe flooding forcing five hundred people to abandon their homes rescue crews are helping families to get to dry land where buses are taking them away from the flood water levels in common small amounts on a more than i rise in by up to twenty centimeters every day several helicopters are on standby ready for a broader evacuation the ongoing floods in russia's far east the most severe in one hundred twenty years have affected at least fifty thousand people. some other international news this hour protesters in argentina have given an unsettling welcome to britain's princess than her arrival was met by the burning of union flags and an effigy of queen elizabeth in the capital princess anne was condemned for the monarchy stands in the falkland islands activist groups have posted online threats of further action against the royal during his stay. ma another protest in turkey has turned violent with police firing tear gas on i cried in ankara students
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in the capital had turned out against plans to build a road through their campus ripping out three thousand trees along the way fourteen were arrested during the demonstration back in may protest against the destruction of east ambles gazing park spiraled into deadly clashes with police across the country. and the tires launched a military operation against islamist in northern sinai helicopters and tanks is said to be needing the onslaught targeting villages housing militants sources say dozens are already dead or injured bloodshed in the restive region intensified with yang sting of president mohamed morsi in july. a bomb attacks in somalia's capital have sparked fear. is that the long running islamised insurgency is gaining force fifteen people died in a car explosion at a popular restaurant in mogadishu police are also investigating a possible suicide attack at the scene a year ago blast targeting the same restaurant or so claimed fifteen lives
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now the number of american business executives implicated in fraud has soared over the past two decades according to a recent survey we have our financial guru max kaiser on the case in just over an hour from now but it is a pretty. yeah. i've explained this many times before a board of directors of any s. and p. five hundred company america today wants the c.e.o. implicated in some crime committing malfeasance committing fraud subpoenaed or in jail because it shows initiative they want to push the edge they want to go that extra mile they want to break the law and then they want to throw to the justice department to say. eric holder can't catches. and then if they do get caught they change the law they modify the law they rewrite the law that's what it's all about breaking the law for law and order bring back. bring it back.
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sniff it from the skies it will be on in about an hour's time coming up next i was promised the mountain he looks into the u.s. president's longstanding pledge to release one time and i beg detainees not seen breaking this and. iraq afghanistan the balkans somalia haiti libya yemen and so on and so on the list of engagements and airstrikes by post cold war nato just keeps getting longer and now it looks like it's serious turn
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a lot of people have written me asking me to predict what is going to happen next which for me is a possible i'm not good at predicting the future but i can see is that we are living in a very tense moment in history many argue that the u.s. economy with its unfathomable debt is really propped up by war in the petro dollars so if the u.s. backs down here won't could be the beginning of the end for the world's on. a hyper power but if they do attack syria there will probably be some sort of reaction from iran russia and china if you haven't noticed nato has been trying to encircled these nations and in russian internet conspiracy land a lot of people are saying that russia is next you see if there is no resistance in syria then one by one all resistance to the un ending hunger of nato will be smashed out one by one the reason syria is so important and so scary is that you have one massive military force that could be very motivated to attack for its own self interest while you have a group of massive military forces how they voted to counterattack for their own self interests this is a very tense standoff that could lead to
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a major moment in history military history but that's just my opinion. hey guys i'm abby martin welcome to breaking the set sad news to report today prominent yemeni activist even a human has died at the young age of twenty four been known causes during his all too short yet remarkable life to him fought for a better yemen and begin a crusade against an illegal and a horrifying u.s. drone war that has killed as many as four thousand four hundred people to date according to bureau of investigative journalism his words from a two thousand and twelve op ed in new york times still resonate with the exact same power and today and he writes quote drone strikes are causing more and more
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yemenis to hate america and join radical militants they're not driven by ideology but rather by a sense of revenge and despair rather than winning the hearts and minds of yemeni civilians america's alienating them by killing their relatives and friends unfortunately before even it's even had the chance to be buried the u.s. launched a brand new drone strike on pakistan today that's killed at least six people. rest in peace you know him and know that your words and actions have shed a grand light on a policy of covert global murder tired yet of america's sick game of drones and join me and let's break the set. up that. it was a. very hard to take a. life that you ever had sat.


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